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Kolomna Pastila

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  • Original Russian apple desert - KOLOMNA PASTILA is on sale

  • Traditional RUSSIAN GIFTS

  • Delivery to any address within MOSCOW (apartment, hotel) - 250 Rubs

  • Orders valued above 2500 rubs will be delivered for FREE!!

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  • Pastila & Presents shop in Moscow is located 20 minutes from Kremlin, near the Moscow River embankment


The main event of the Moscow summer is FIFA World Cup! If you don’t get to a match, try the Moscow Fun Zones to share in the experience with locals. If you wish to buy Russian presents for your family or guests, come and see the new arrivals in the Pastila Shop. New beautiful boxes with assorted Pastila have just arrived. Do not miss the chance to try our national taste and treasure!

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Kolomna Pastila

Want to try an Kolomna apple pastila mix with each of the most typical Russian berries? Apple & strawberries, raspberry and cranberry are now united in one beautiful box. Give your guests the Kalinka-Malinka mix!

Smokva in the Russian box

Assorted Pastila made of apples and berries, cut into small pieces to resemble the colour and shape of precious gemstones. The red cardboard cassette is like their little pantry. Very lightweight, the volume is not too big to transport or pack. A very precious and convenient gift from Russia!

I Love You

A music-box made of natural silk containing chocolate sweets with fillings made of different type of Pastila. Upon opening, the box "performs" a recording of the famous Russian aria Ya Lublu Tebya (I love you) from the opera by Tchaikovsky - "Eugene Onegin". The most important Russian words ...

Pastila & Presents is the place where the most interesting memorabilia of classical Russian culture, history and sweets are gathered.

If you want to try an authentic natural sweet, just as it was made in the 19th century - beloved of Fyodor Dostoevsky, or to get a musical box which will play Tchaikovky's famous love Aria - or a "Bonbonirer" - a box of sweets made from real Russian fruit and berries - this is the place to come. The core of the shop collection is Russian apple sweets — Pastilla — from Kolomna, just outside Moscow.

Anyone visiting Russia wishing to buy authentic and memorable presents are bound to find something suitable in our little shop.

Welcome to Pastila & Presents!

Pastila is a traditional Russian sweet, the recipe of which has been known since the 17th century. Pastila is prepared at the museum factory in the city of Kolomna, located 100 kilometres from Moscow. The production of the pastille is located here since the construction of the factory in 1852. At the heart of the Kolomna pastila is a delicate puree made from mashed apples. To the mashed apples are added the freshest egg whites and a little sugar, and the pastila is baked in a Russian oven, resulting in an airy pastille, and without the proteins. All pastila can have added fruits, such as berries, nuts, or honey. Pastila contains only natural ingredients, does not contain flour, starch, or any artificial additives. Packed in boxes with a traditional Russian design.


In life, there are always special moments and occasions for which special gifts are needed. And, of course, the gift itself needs to be memorable too. A unique Pastila from the Kolomna Museum factory, a perfume set, some black or herbal teas, a piece of porcelain or a facsimile Historical book could fit the situation perfectly. A small token of affection, an individual gift for a sophisticated person, some small presents for your partners or colleagues, sweet gifts or novel invitations for guests on the occasion of a wedding – for any opportunity there is a solution, with an historical and practical use. For orders for that special occasion –



For holidays, anniversaries or corporate events, for any occasion and in any quantity – you can pick up unique gifts and souvenirs or order products and collections especially for you. Corporate or personal gifts can also have special packaging, stickers or cards.

For Wedding

For Wedding

A Wedding cake made of Pastila – airy and light – will become the focus of the decorations at the ceremony. A sweet pastry buffet will please all the guests throughout the celebrations.  Used for novel Invitations, or mementos of the special day with personalised & boxed Pastila made to traditional Russian recipes..



A special order, a unique occasion – in the Salon Pastila and Gifts, we can design a gift to your individual wishes, or even make something special just for you…for example, your favourite cake in a music box. Or we will deliver your gift and present it in person in an historical manner with a short presentation.