May 15, 2019

The most beautiful time is coming - lilac has blossomed, apple and cherry trees are blooming, and on secret place of forest edges Violets are appeared. Enjoy flowers bright colors and aromas, the period of flowering is not long.
And we have prepared for you a collection of rarities - candied flowers of violets, lilacs and apple trees will decorate Pastila cakes-pillows and Patila sweets.
Do not miss it! The the candied flower collection of Pastila sweets is limited!


July 29, 2018
Harvest season is coming and it is time to start making preserves for winter. In Russian, it is called VARENYE time. Liquid, clear and with the berries and fruits still intact – this marks the main difference between Varenye and jams & comfitures. In the Russian tradition, you are supposed to eat Varenye with spoon, while drinking tea, or cold water in summer. Varenya can be made with any berries or fruits - raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, apricots and many others. Try it soon, or maybe think about a nice present for someone – the taste of Russian summer preserved in a glass jar. Bon appetite!

June 20, 2018

The main event of the Moscow summer is FIFA World Cup!
If you don’t get to a match, try the Moscow Fun Zones to share in the experience with locals. If you wish to buy Russian presents for your family or guests, come and see the new arrivals in the Pastila Shop.
New beautiful boxes with assorted Pastila have just arrived. Do not miss the chance to try our national taste and treasure!